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Garage door technology

Nowadays, the world changes at a very fast pace. Every day a new invention is made, and innovative ways to live are discovered by science, advancing our society towards the future. A Scientific breakthrough is unstoppable, and it goes from small, simple technologies such as doors, to enormous ones like skyscrapers.

Garage doors are one example, as well. The new generation of garage doors are already here and installed in homes in and around Leicester. While they can cost a lot, many homeowners purchase the latest in technology, finally getting to replace their creaky, old garage doors. Garage doors exist in a wide variety of different types and styles – namely; they are the chain drive system, known as the computer controlled system, and the screw-drive system, which works by moving a steel rod at its length.

It’s placed at the garage’s ceiling, of course, to allow it to lift. The chain-drive system is the most common and most affordable garage door system. It utilises chains to steer doors to a track pair. While it is indeed more affordable, it’s usually very noisy. Since it utilises metal chains to drive doors on the track, whenever the chain-drive system door is manipulated, a loud, irritating noise can be heard.

Open your garage door with your phone

Garage doors in Leicester have been using computer technology, though, the sound made by the metals is completely eliminated. Such doors utilise a mechanism that needs no chains or screws. A computer is placed right over the doors. Automatic doors are one of the most popular trends in the realm of technological advances – it opens in a completely automatic fashion, as the sensors detect your car is approaching the garage.

The faster your door opens, the quicker your parking will be. Should your doors open automatically and quickly, you’re likely to lessen or even eliminate incidents involving a car crashing into the door. Of course, to have a door that opens fast, you’re going to need an effective, strong motor.

The motor pulls the doors in so fast that they open with very little waiting time. Their opening time can be quick enough to avoid risks and accidents, and it shuts down slowly, to prevent it from sandwiching a person on a car, for instance. When you decide to buy this type of door for your garage, make sure you consider a few factors.

Garage door motor

It’s important the motor that pulls your doors to open it is silent – getting rid of the dreaded door-opening noise. The motor should be nice and durable, too, so that it lasts for a long time without the need for excessive maintenance. Some manufacturers offer extra security features on their doors, such as a built-in lock mechanism that only allows the door to open when the right number combination is pressed.

Obviously, this will prevent the garage door from opening automatically. A solution to this problem is selecting a manufacturer that offers remote controls with a definite frequency, preventing it from being accessed by other controllers.