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behind the scenes of a creative agencyMarketing firms depend upon the strength of the relationships that they have with their clients in order to creatively thrive. At our agency, we continue to grow by daily satisfying the needs of our clients. However, is it enough to just have a good relationship? How can you tell if the marketing or creative firm is a good fit for your business?

To be sure that they are providing your company with the resources you need, it may be time to take a deeper look.

Key Indicators

The measurement of the progress made towards your company’s goals as well as how effective the business is doing is done using key performance indicators (KPI’s). Businesses use different KPIs, but they are most often used in the creative design and marketing industry.

Strategy: Is your overall marketing strategy and strategic approach taken into account by your digital design agency?

Timeframes: Has your current agency asked detailed questions regarding deliverables, budget, and timing? Are they delivering on their promises? If they do miss a deliverable, what happens?

Budget Considerations: Are you getting solutions from your creative agency that work with your existing budget?

Your Expectations: Are your expectations consistently being met by your creative marketing company? What type of review do you do to determine if the expectations have been met?

Level Of Satisfaction: Are there processes in place to ensure that you are satisfied with their work? Do you consider the money spent to be a good value? Are they a partner working with you to attain marketing objectives and company goals?

Quality Of Service

Do you get a timely response to questions and requests?

Do they have the staff and resources to handle your marketing campaigns?

Does the work they deliver consistently match your businesses quality standards?

Are you ever surprised by the size of your invoice? Are billable items clearly explained?

Task Competency

Are all of the services required by your company delivered by the agency you are working with?

If any services are outsourced by the agency, do these services have the high quality you expect?

Are tasks performed with expertise and skill at every stage of the process?

Is there an area of weakness in the final product or service?

setting key performance indicatorsManagement Of Relationships

Is your main contact at the agency someone you enjoy working with?

Do you feel there is an open and honest relationship between your business and your agency?

If your main point of contact is unavailable, are you offered an alternative?

Can you contact the people on the creative team as frequently as you’d like?

Do you feel that your best interests are being protected by the agency you have chosen?

Your working relationship will improve when you are able to assess how effective your creative design agency is. Even if you decide to move on to a different agency, their agency will be able to improve by accessing and using your valuable insight.