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What worn out brake pads look likeAs with any other part of your car, the braking system requires regular maintenance and inspections to ensure they are working properly. Not taking the time to maintain the brakes of your car can lead to more expensive repairs as well as dangerous driving conditions. For local safety checks and brakes Kettering book a service at Avondale to ensure your safety.  The longevity of your brakes are determined by how you drive and how much you drive. By choosing to drive carefully you will extend the life of essential parts such as the rotors and calipers. In addition, driving helps to keep the shocks and struts balanced and maintained. When your vehicle is not balanced correctly it puts an unnecessary strain on the brakes which causes them to wear out faster.

Brake Problem Symptoms:

The brake warning light has been engaged.

The problem: the car has found an issue regarding the brake system and is alerting you to the situation.

The solution: it is essential to have the car inspected by a professional garage in Kettering as soon as possible. It may be necessary to replace or repair damaged parts to the braking system. Be sure to follow up with regular inspections and maintenance routines in the future.

When the brakes are applied there is a squealing or grinding noise.

The problem: At the first signs of any grinding, screeching, or squealing when the brakes are being used, it is essential to have the entire system inspected. More than likely, the pads have begun to wear down and will need to be replaced. Sometimes the gasket, which is found between the pad and the piston may be missing. This will cause vibrations which will then escalate later to the squealing sound.

The solution: it is important that the worn pads and shoes are replaced as soon as possible. Not doing so other parts of the braking system can be damaged. If the gasket is found to be missing, have a professional replace it immediately.

The brakes to the car still work, however, they are slow to respond and there is less power during sudden stops. In addition, you may have to press down harder on the pedal to get the results you need. If the brake pedal touches the floor, the vehicle may not have suitable braking power.

The problem: More than likely the pads are far too worn to stop the car effectively. In addition, your fluid levels may be too low to allow for adequate pressure. The brake power boost unit may also have failed or there maybe an issue with the master cylinder.

The solution: The brake pads will need to be replaced as well as the fluids checked for any signs of contamination. If the fluids are running low or are contaminated then you’ll need to place all fluids. With the use of a special vacuum measurement tool, check the brake power boost unit. If this unit has failed it will need to be replaced. In addition, any failed master cylinders will also need to be replaced.

The brakes are making a “clunking” sound.

When your brakes make a clunking soundThe problem: There is more than likely something loose within the system, more than likely this is a bolt that is used to hold components together or even attached to the suspension. Suspension components may also have become worn or broken. Other causes of clunking sounds include steering racks, ball joints, wheel bearings and steering racks.

The solution: Bring your car to a professional for inspection and repair any loose components or worn parts.

The brake pedal is to firm.

When the brake pedal is applied it is difficult to depress, this could be the sign of a serious problem.

The problem: Your vacuum brake booster may be failing or have a significant leak. There may also be an instruction found in the line that circulates fluid throughout the system.

The solution: Bring the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. Any leak that is within the vacuum booster system will need to be repaired. If no leaks are found, the booster more than likely has failed and will need to be replaced. Asked your local garage mechanic to check for any blockages within the lines. There may be times where the line has been damaged and will need to be repaired.

When the brakes are engaged the car tends to pull to one side.

The problem: When the car pulls to one side when braking then you probably have a problem with the suspension system. In some cases, this is caused due to damaged brake discs.

The solution: The worn or contaminated parts will need to be replaced. If the disc is found to be damaged, both disc pairs will need to be replaced to ensure the car breaks evenly.

Diagnosing ABS issues

When the brakes are applied a vibration is felt within the brake pedal.

The vast majority of cars have ABS, therefore the valve pedal will vibrate during sudden stops as part of the normal antilock braking function. However, other vibrations during normal vehicle operation may indicate other problems with the system.

The problem: The situation may be caused by metal on metal rubbing within the system. Otherwise, the brake rotors may have become warped or have been damaged by worn out pads.

The solution: All worn out or contaminated pans will need to be replaced. If the discs are damaged they will need to be replaced as well. The suspension system will need to be checked and any worn or damaged parts need to be replaced. In addition, the mechanic should check the car’s alignment and realign it if necessary.