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romantic spring weddingSpring is the time of year when most people get married. There is nothing quite like a beautiful spring wedding. It’s just warm enough, ample daylight and nature is in bloom. Absolutely perfect conditions to shine in a beautiful wedding dress with your stunning wedding jewellery.

What better could be better suited to spring colours than the classic pearl? Pearls have that delicate and elegant colour that goes so well with traditional wedding colours.

With it being spring, your choice of beautiful flowers that are in bloom is large. However, try to stick to just a few colours or varieties. Keeping it simple is often the best way.

If you have a oblong table, you can put out a few flower arrangements at each end of the table. Use floral foam and cut the flower stalks shorter.

Your car’s brakes must work reliably at all times. If you suspect that you have problems with your car’s brakes then contact a local garage that performs professional brake repairs and servicing for both the mechanical and hydraulic systems. A professional garage will be able to replace worn parts like brake pads, brake discs and callipers. It is not worth taking the risk and driving with problems with your brakes. The proper functioning of your car’s safety components is essential. Read more to understand the most common braking problems so you can drive safely.

writing a willHave you thought about who will inherit your assets when you finally leave this planet? With a will, you can be sure that your valuable possessions will be transferred to people that you choose.

Writing a will does not have to be so difficult. A quick search online will find you plenty of websites with help, advice and a free will writing template to download.

In the definition of the law, ‘inherits’ primarily refers to children, grandchildren and married spouses. Secondary are parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.

Heirs means biological and adopted children, grandchildren and they are entitled to at least 50 percent of the total inheritance. But the remainder you can distribute as you wish. A will must be in writing. It is not enough to tell someone how you wish your assets to be divided.

do it yourself pest control

With more and more people feeling cash-strapped and unable to pay not just for luxuries but even for basic necessities, there’s a tendency to think that getting rid of pests is something we can handle ourselves. After all, the Internet makes it easier than ever before to learn any skill, and the online resources available to all of us our vast.

There’s a lot to be said for tackling many different problems with a “do it yourself” attitude. Even when it comes to DIY pest extermination, there are plenty of effective techniques, strategies, and procedures being swapped around online. This seems to be the latest fad for taking care of a host of different household chores: Why pay for professional help if you can handle things on your own?

Is pest extermination really something that you can always handle on a do-it-yourself basis, though? There are a number of points that separate out pest control from other DIY topics like carpentry or gardening. For one thing, whereas you’re free to learn a lot of other skills at your own pace, you’re going to need to accumulate a whole lot of very accurate information on pest control very quickly if you have a pest infestation in London to deal with.

This is where some of the other characteristics of serious pest control come into play and rob the DIY strategy of its effectiveness. There’s a safety aspect to consider. Most effective pest strategies involve the use of natural and synthetic poisons; these are not tasks you want to tackle with minimal training! There’s also the sheer breadth of different strategies out there working against you. It’s difficult to find information that’s going to be useful in your specific case when you’re lost in a sea of “general tips for getting rid of bugs” articles. When you’re facing a serious pest infestation and you need it gone fast, it’s still a smart idea to call in the professionals.

Before you start worrying too much about the cost of commercial pest control, bear in mind what you’re paying for. You’re going to have your pests exterminated quickly, efficiently, and safely. If you do it yourself, can you guarantee the safety of your household? How do you rate your odds of getting it right and getting rid of your pests completely on your first try? Are you completely clear about the long-term risks and effects of the products you’d be using in a do-it-yourself extermination effort?

Basically, trying to get rid of pests all by yourself when your need is especially pressing just opens you up to a host of different uncertainties. Why leave yourself asking all of those questions posed in the previous paragraph, especially when some of the answers involved can be downright dangerous? Isn’t it better to get the job done right, and right now, by letting professionals take care of it? Yes, it’s probably going to cost you a little more money when compared to a do-it-yourself solution. The amount of time, hassle, and worry you save yourself is going to more than make up for the additional money you spend, trust us! It’s better to resolve the problem in a safe and speedy way that you know is going to be effective.


behind the scenes of a creative agencyMarketing firms depend upon the strength of the relationships that they have with their clients in order to creatively thrive. At our agency, we continue to grow by daily satisfying the needs of our clients. However, is it enough to just have a good relationship? How can you tell if the marketing or creative firm is a good fit for your business?

To be sure that they are providing your company with the resources you need, it may be time to take a deeper look.

Key Indicators

The measurement of the progress made towards your company’s goals as well as how effective the business is doing is done using key performance indicators (KPI’s). Businesses use different KPIs, but they are most often used in the creative design and marketing industry.

Strategy: Is your overall marketing strategy and strategic approach taken into account by your digital design agency?

Timeframes: Has your current agency asked detailed questions regarding deliverables, budget, and timing? Are they delivering on their promises? If they do miss a deliverable, what happens?

Budget Considerations: Are you getting solutions from your creative agency that work with your existing budget?

Your Expectations: Are your expectations consistently being met by your creative marketing company? What type of review do you do to determine if the expectations have been met?

Level Of Satisfaction: Are there processes in place to ensure that you are satisfied with their work? Do you consider the money spent to be a good value? Are they a partner working with you to attain marketing objectives and company goals?

Quality Of Service

Do you get a timely response to questions and requests?

Do they have the staff and resources to handle your marketing campaigns?

Does the work they deliver consistently match your businesses quality standards?

Are you ever surprised by the size of your invoice? Are billable items clearly explained?

Task Competency

Are all of the services required by your company delivered by the agency you are working with?

If any services are outsourced by the agency, do these services have the high quality you expect?

Are tasks performed with expertise and skill at every stage of the process?

Is there an area of weakness in the final product or service?

setting key performance indicatorsManagement Of Relationships

Is your main contact at the agency someone you enjoy working with?

Do you feel there is an open and honest relationship between your business and your agency?

If your main point of contact is unavailable, are you offered an alternative?

Can you contact the people on the creative team as frequently as you’d like?

Do you feel that your best interests are being protected by the agency you have chosen?

Your working relationship will improve when you are able to assess how effective your creative design agency is. Even if you decide to move on to a different agency, their agency will be able to improve by accessing and using your valuable insight.

creative web design exampleHaving a website developed by a creative web design company can offer a significant edge over the competition especially in the eyes of your prospective clients. This is not an advantage you can expect from a traditional web design company.
The traditional web design company is focused on hearing out what you have to say with regard to what you want. They would then assemble the necessary content into a functioning site, which is all well and good. Until Web 2.0 takes the scene and with it more traditional marketing practices, this is where only creative web design can create flexible marketing tools.
‘Creative Web Design’ refers to the development of web sites which still present all the functionality and relevant information that a customer would expect, but also have that special focus on the aesthetic values. These will also use that ‘Wow Factor’ that traditional marketing uses to engage their potential customers.
the functionality of a website

Imagine a road side billboard with impressive graphic design, superb choice of colours and tones and engaging imagery. The visualise an A4 black and white photocopied Ad with a brief message and maybe a phone number stapled to a utility pole. Although your attention may be drawn to both, it is the creative approach that will leave a more lasting impression.

Now imagine two websites. The first features a flash intro page which dynamically displays a montage of exciting images which then draws your attention into a deftly crafted website where every pixel is there for a purpose. Now imagine a bland website with low aesthetic value, with only basic navigation tools presented in a plain environment.

The difference is huge; like comparing a back garden kiddie-pool to holidays in the Bahamas.
By applying the most sophisticated and cutting edge technologies, including HTML5, jQuery and Flash, creative web designer’s such as Regency Creative will visually engage the end user. But there are some pitfalls that creative designers must keep in mind and be wary of.

Around a decade and a half ago, many graphic design companies began to find applications for their trade in the world of web design. Although creative talent may have been high, the technical know-how and experience, especially in terms of web development, was severely lacking.
Lack of understanding the key aspects of web design functionality like SEO, valid markup and browser incompatibility were areas that were lacking.


Although, this could technically be called ‘creative web design’ many elements of the developed websites were flawed, unavailable in code form or presentation issues when accessed through different browsers and operating systems. Many of these problems went overlooked; many substandard sites exist today and many more are being created which will not serve the any purpose.
web design wireframeFor this reason it is important that sufficient research be done into the history of any ‘creative web designer’ being considered for service. The operation should be investigated inside and out and don’t be shy about asking for references and success stories. Any web design company worth your time will have no problems providing your with a sparkling record.
A good web development company will have expertise in many different fields. The artistically minded designer who may have some experience, if not extensive experience in graphic design. There will also be a web developer handling all the technical aspects of the web site.
Most often they will work to create a static image of the planned site (wireframe) that they can deliver for your approval. After which the finer points of the site can be assembled into a functioning site that will have the aesthetic look to convey your company’s tone and purpose to your prospective clients.

Garage door technology

Nowadays, the world changes at a very fast pace. Every day a new invention is made, and innovative ways to live are discovered by science, advancing our society towards the future. A Scientific breakthrough is unstoppable, and it goes from small, simple technologies such as doors, to enormous ones like skyscrapers.

Garage doors are one example, as well. The new generation of garage doors are already here and installed in homes in and around Leicester. While they can cost a lot, many homeowners purchase the latest in technology, finally getting to replace their creaky, old garage doors. Garage doors exist in a wide variety of different types and styles – namely; they are the chain drive system, known as the computer controlled system, and the screw-drive system, which works by moving a steel rod at its length.

It’s placed at the garage’s ceiling, of course, to allow it to lift. The chain-drive system is the most common and most affordable garage door system. It utilises chains to steer doors to a track pair. While it is indeed more affordable, it’s usually very noisy. Since it utilises metal chains to drive doors on the track, whenever the chain-drive system door is manipulated, a loud, irritating noise can be heard.

Open your garage door with your phone

Garage doors in Leicester have been using computer technology, though, the sound made by the metals is completely eliminated. Such doors utilise a mechanism that needs no chains or screws. A computer is placed right over the doors. Automatic doors are one of the most popular trends in the realm of technological advances – it opens in a completely automatic fashion, as the sensors detect your car is approaching the garage.

The faster your door opens, the quicker your parking will be. Should your doors open automatically and quickly, you’re likely to lessen or even eliminate incidents involving a car crashing into the door. Of course, to have a door that opens fast, you’re going to need an effective, strong motor.

The motor pulls the doors in so fast that they open with very little waiting time. Their opening time can be quick enough to avoid risks and accidents, and it shuts down slowly, to prevent it from sandwiching a person on a car, for instance. When you decide to buy this type of door for your garage, make sure you consider a few factors.

Garage door motor

It’s important the motor that pulls your doors to open it is silent – getting rid of the dreaded door-opening noise. The motor should be nice and durable, too, so that it lasts for a long time without the need for excessive maintenance. Some manufacturers offer extra security features on their doors, such as a built-in lock mechanism that only allows the door to open when the right number combination is pressed.

Obviously, this will prevent the garage door from opening automatically. A solution to this problem is selecting a manufacturer that offers remote controls with a definite frequency, preventing it from being accessed by other controllers.

Business in the digital ageKeeping up with the technological trends is not the only way of ensuring your business is up to par with the times. Making the necessary technological improvements is just one of the ways of getting your business there, knowing how to leverage the new technology is what matters the most. The journey into the age of technology is one of the strategic moves that will ensure your business remains competitive not just within London but also in the digital age. Here are the top options that you should consider for your business to bring it into the age of technology.

Develop a Digital Strategy
The first step should be having a clear focus on the kind of presence the business should have on the digital platforms. A digital presence takes away the physical presences of the business bringing in a stable presence that does not have the limitations of location. Every business seeking to stay current with what is trending in the technological world should have a solid digital strategy. A solid digital strategy requires that a business has a website. There are many web design agencies London that will be able to assist you. Spent plenty of time finding a company who understands your vision well such as London based agency Regency Creative found at The strategy should include putting the business on the internet (having a website, having a digital marketing strategy, and developing a way of leveraging what technology has to offer.

Map of the Internet

Map of the Internet or random paint splodges :)

Have an Online Presence
Any new-age business should have its mark on the World Wide Web. The internet is the biggest technological innovation that has the most significant impact on global economy. Having a website is an important part of the journey. Frankly, any business seeking to make the most of what technology has to offer should have a website or some form of online presence; technology seems to grow with a huge part of its growth associated with the internet.

Mobile–Friendly Website
The other important move that any business should make is ensuring that it has a visible online presence. Given that most people use their mobile devices to access the internet, it is vital for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website. But, with the rapid technological growth seen in mobile communication, especially is the use of apps, business should also invest in developing applications that do not just link people to their websites but also offers flawless online and offline services.

Technical InnovationLeveraging Technologies
To be part of any game requires mastering how the game is played and developing tactics to either outwit and outdo your competition or be at the same level. Technology is always evolving bettering what exists while also birthing new things all in a bit to offer innovative solutions. Hence, finding a means to leverage technologies is a move that will not only bring your business into the digital age but also ensure it thrives and stays there; just find out what is trending in the technological world.

Embracing Change
Most businesses are too rigid and timid to change; fighting change is always a hard battle that is seldom worn. As mentioned, technology is always evolving, and this means new things will keep being birthed. Keeping up with new digital innovations and trends is the only way that businesses in the age of technology will avoid losing track of things. With technology change is inevitable and the sooner businesses realise and embrace this sooner they will secure their future in an age where technology rules.

I love to find the upcoming and latest gadgets and inventions in the world of technology. It’s amazing to think sometimes how far we have come, from caveman to an advanced race with technological advantages.

This video showcases more inventions working their way into the mainstream now and in the next few years.

Can’t wait! Can you?

Business stuck in the dark ages

Don’t leave your business in the dark ages …

If you have a business based in Leicester, and you don’t have a website, then it is imperative that you get one as soon as possible. We are now in 2015, and while it wasn’t a big deal if you didn’t have a website a few years ago, it is now critical if you want to run a successful business and remain competitive in your field. So, in this article, we will be taking a closer look at what having a website can do for your business and how it can help you to achieve your bottom line – more sales and customers.

Smartphones have become an integral part of society, and you can barely take a step out of your home without seeing someone on a smartphone. Most people use their smartphones at least once per hour, and they usually search online if they need to find out any information. This applies to businesses because if a person is looking for a nearby tattoo parlor, the first thing they might do is a Google search or Facebook search for tattoo parlors in their location. So, if you are the owner of a tattoo parlor, and you’re not listed as a website or business page on Facebook, and then the chances are that you’ll never get that person’s business. You will need a website, so start looking for web design leicester and bring your business into the New Age!

Mobile friendlySince most people are searching online and mainly through their mobile phones, you need to have a smart and crisp website that is also mobile friendly. Google recently rolled out a mobile update in April 2015 where you need to mobile optimize your site for it to be rewarded with higher rankings. Of course, just having a website is not enough, but you need to get it ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines to get more visitors to your site. You can do this through the process of search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is easily learned, or you can hire an Leicestershire SEO agency or freelancer to do the SEO on your website. They will typically optimize the On-page and off-page factors of your site so that it naturally ranks higher for your niche specific keywords that will get you highly targeted traffic. The more targeted traffic you have, the more potential customers will visit your site, which will boost your business.

Now, on your site, it is essential that you thoroughly explain your business, services and provide detailed information about your products. If you sell physical products, then you might want to consider creating an eCommerce site where people can buy your products online. This is a great way to get even more sales since many people prefer to shop online as oppose to visiting a real world store. Also, eCommerce is no longer as complicated as it used to be and can be easily done through platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.

Social media for businessIn addition to having a website, you should also create social media pages for your business. This means that you should have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social media is essential for online business success since millions of people use social media to interact with their favorite brands. Social media also gives you the ability to connect truly with your customers on a one to one basis that humanises your business and will help you get even more customers in the long run.

In closing, having a website for your Leicester business is critical in 2015 and beyond. Best of all, you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to create a website, and you can easily do it yourself with a few online tutorials. So, what are you waiting for?

This video is well worth a look at. If you a technology buff then you don’t want to get a sneak peak at these potential future technologies. Some of these are absolutley incredible, others such as the one shown at 8:27 will postively freak you out … scary stuff indeed.

Here are some  of the technologies described …

– Hypersonic trains
– 3d printing
– Bionic arms
– Wearable computers

Watch the video for the rest and leave a comment for us below.